Dr. P. Jyothi, Optometrist

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Our newest addition to the family, Mia.  


Education: I graduated from Permian HighSchool and the Univ. of Texas - Permian Basin while living in West Texas (Odessa) and I received my Doctor of Optometry degree from University of Houston College of Optometry.

I've been practicing optometry: for about 27 years now and have been in my current Lake Highland's office for over 25 years.

Family: My wife Priya, our son and daughter who are both in high school now and they always manage to make our lives amusing and interesting on a daily basis. Will miss having them around when it comes time for college. And we just added Mia, our new puppy, to the family. She's added more than we could have imagined to our family!
Hobbies/Interests: I'm an avid follower of professional tennis and closely follow our local sports teams. I enjoy traveIling here in the US and abroad and enjoy spending time with our numerous friends and family we're lucky to have locally.  I also play tennis regularly. The USTA team I was on last year won the national cmampionship for our division. I'm also a car enthusiast.
I Wish I Could: Play a musical instrument. Any kind of musical instrument! The kazoo doesn't count, does it? 
I Would Never: Bungee jump.

Most People Don't Know That I: Enjoy cooking and even watching other people cook on the Food TV Network and PBS .

Worst habit: I can be a bit of a procrastinator.

Favorite TV show: Modern Family 

My car radio is usually tuned to:  I'm usually listening to podcasts or Pandora but if the radio is on I am probably listening to The Ticket - Sports Radio 1310 AM or KERA 90.1. Or I'm listening to podcasts about cars or tennis.

I'd describe my office as: Small in space but big on care. I have a great staff and have learned over the years how important that is.

Favorite Band: The Police. Was cool to see them on their reunion tour a few years ago.

My favorite contact lens: I just got a pair of Biofinity Multifocals and have to say....not bad. I can actually see far away and up close with them.


Favorite Food: Lately my wife is trying a lot of new recipes and they actually all come out great. Last week she made roasted cauliflower with toasted almonds, dates and tossed in a harissa tahini sauce. Amazing! Most of my cooking nowadays consists of grilling outdoors.

I feel like I can't do without: A good cup of coffee every morning which I make using an Aerporess.  I've tried going without it but get sleepy around 10:30 am :)

 Most Recent Trip:  Over Spring Break we took a family trip to LA and Palm Springs and got to see many of our favorite pro tennis players like Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal at the BNP Paribas Open.  

My Favorite Vacation: We recently took an incredible family trip to Italy. Tuscany and the Amalfi coast, especially Capri, was spectacular.